Summer health tips

A summer dehydration, drink plenty of water
Drank too little water, and warm water is better, drink 78 cups of water a day. The body to keep the water and add moisture, water in the human body plays a vital for maintaining the body's normal physiological function. Water is the important part of the essential human, organ, muscle, blood, hair, bones, teeth contains water, summer water loss will be more, if not timely pay will seriously affect the health, easy to dry skin, wrinkles to accelerate aging. The addition of mineral water, cold tea, milk, apple juice is an ideal thirst-quenching drinks.
2, seasonal living
Summer are advised to stay up late to get up early, take a nap at noon as possible. Can not remember the shade of the corridor, under the eaves or vents sedentary, lying for a long, long sleep. Even more inappropriate for a long time with the fans, due to daylight saving heat, steam, the sweat of a large vent, the pores open and vulnerable to cold invasion blowing too long may cause headache, muscle strain, facial paralysis, or muscle aches.
Care to "keep"
"Huang Di Nei Jing Su Wen-God theory" of four-controlled atmosphere, said: "Summer March, what we called the Fan show, the world gas pay, all things Chinese real night lying to get up early, no disgust at the date, Chi no anger, Huaying Cheng show to vent their anger, love out, this summer air should be good health. "hot summer, many people suffering from air conditioning disease, people are open during the day and night, air conditioning, indoor and outdoor temperature can be achieved more than ten degrees, plus eat lots of ice cold, will certainly hurt yang. To pay attention to the living environment is not too wet, not too much to eat frozen and cold food, the temperature of the air conditioning at night not too low, the best in more than 26 degrees, do not spend the night in the open air and the cold and dark place.
4 clear dietary supplement, eat "bitter"
In terms of diet tonic, hot days to clean up, spleen, Qushu, dampness principle. Feiganhouwei and hot products unfit for human consumption, should be selected with a light nourishing yin and the effectiveness of the food.
Gan Liang moist food: wheat, sorghum, barley, tofu, white beans, black sesame, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, asparagus, spinach, melon, watermelon and so on. Spleen and stomach, yin qi food: spinach, lotus root, wild rice, tomatoes, carrots, eggs, apples, milk, grapes, lotus seeds, mulberry, clams, goose, herring, carp, silver carp, barley powder.
The Qushu dampness, Qingrejiedu food: green beans, broad beans, red bean, soy beans, raw carrots, eggplant, cabbage, celery, water chestnuts, Coix seed, snake melon, watermelon, melon, sponge gourd, cucumber, melon, bitter gourd, chrysanthemum, lotus leaf and tea.
Bitter foods containing alkaloids with the summer heat heat, promote blood circulation, relaxation of blood vessels and other pharmacological effects. The hot days proper eating bitter foods, not only a pure heart Chufan, refreshing refreshing, and can increase appetite, spleen and stomach. Gourd: whichever immature tender fruits, vegetables, mature fruit flesh can be eaten raw, not only cold but also Rouchao, broiled fish, clear and tender, tasty, unique flavor. The bitter gourd has increased the appetite, aid digestion, evil in addition to the heat, the solution of fatigue, pure heart and eyesight role. In addition, the bitter herbs, tea, coffee and bitter foods can also be used as appropriate. It should be noted that the consumption of bitter foods should not be excessive, it may cause nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.
5 to add salt, potassium and vitamin
Hot summer sweat more with the sweat and loss of potassium ions, resulting hypokalemia phenomenon caused by human fatigue, weakness, dizziness, headache, loss of appetite and other symptoms. Hot days to prevent potassium deficiency is the most effective way is to eat more potassium foods, fresh vegetables and fruits contain more potassium, eat strawberries, apricots, lychees, peaches, plums; vegetables, green onions, celery, peas, etc. also rich in potassium. Tea also contains more potassium, hot days and more tea, both summer heat, but also potassium, can be described as killing two birds with one stone.
The body in summer a lot of sweat sodium chloride losses, it should be to add water at the same time, pay attention to the added salt. Every day to drink some salt water, acid-base balance and osmotic pressure in order to maintain relatively stable. Nutritionists also recommend: the hot season is the best person per day to supplement the vitamin B1, vitamin B2 2 mg, 1 g of calcium, thus reducing the consumption of body sugars and tissue protein, beneficial to human health. Therefore, in the summer should eat foods rich in these nutrients, such as watermelon, cucumber, tomatoes, beans and their products, animal liver, shrimp, etc., can also drink some fruit juice.
Try to wear light colored clothing
Dark clothes will absorb sunlight, make body temperature rise hot; mosquitoes increasingly dark habits, dark easy to attract mosquitoes, especially black.
Itchy skin Note
Summer outings, due to the sun cause skin itching, pain when dry, can be coated with a small amount of Fuqing Song, etc. ointment, do not wash with hot water, not to use the alkaline soap cleaning, so as not to irritate the skin and aggravate the symptoms.
8, do raise the heart movement
Summer exercise should not be too big, too intense, sweating is appropriate to exercise a little, so as to avoid excessive movement, excessive sweating damage the heart yin. For the summer is still adhere to the exercise of the people practicing tai chi, tai chi movement and president, hardness and softness, open the appropriate degree, undulating shape of the body side is impartial, upright in the internal and Feng Xie, inviolability, and nature of yin and yang eliminate the appearance consistent, can be described as the best summer one of the nourishing the heart movement.

Early morning bowel movement, little tricks to make you more healthy

Twist pressure "tiger's mouth" - defecation
"Jaws of death", refers to the area between the back of the thumb and index finger, the middle Hoku. Toilet can be on both sides of the "jaws of death" cross, with the thumb in the hands of the above a little harder to twist along the index finger edge of the pressure from the wrist to the tiger's mouth, on each side about 30 times and repeatedly alternating twist pressure hand Yangming large intestine through the line, he insisted that this habit will help open defecation.
Abdominal breathing - intestinal peristalsis, and defecation
Defecation do not use abdominal breathing, but repeatedly to hold back the strength, so that the chest and abdominal cavity internal pressure suddenly increased, it will cause potentially dangerous cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, bleeding disorders or in patients with hemorrhoids, but also gradually weakened active contraction of the intestine in the defecation reflex, cause or aggravate constipation, and even rectal prolapse. Therefore, we should learn and develop abdominal breathing in the defecation habits, by the intra-abdominal pressure the natural rhythm of change, rather than hold back the strength, promote intestinal peristalsis, gentle and defecation. Develop this kind of behavior, no doubt to health is very useful.
Dry wash and pinch rub the head - refreshing refreshing
Your elbows to the thigh, fingers separated from contact with the face, with fingers and rely on the up and down movement of the head and push the facial skin 30 times; then fixed head, with the pulp from the inside out stretch forehead, bags under the eyes and the nose on both sides of the skin, has to speed up the role of sober refreshing; then, arms raised, fingers bent like claws, buckle front to back of the head, order, from the inside to the outside to do the pinch pressure action, help to further refreshing refreshing.

Eight kinds of tips for your health in the loss of

(1) bite your nails: calcium deficiency or absence of other trace elements.
Hair and nails, which contain sodium, calcium, potassium and other minerals, helps clear the body of excess acid due to anxiety, so many people will unconsciously tense moments bite from the nail to. Mineral supplements can help you get rid of this bad habit.
(2) upper arm appear goose bumps: the lack of essential fatty acids.
Small hard bulge on the skin, also known as hair keratosis, especially in parts of the upper arm, thigh or buttocks sebum was too few, more prone to excess of keratin. The best way to intake of fish oil, eggs, flaxseed.
(3) Alice his legs or cross-legged sitting: blood pressure is too low.
If you usually low blood pressure, cross-legged stand up subconsciously brain instinct to ensure the blood supply to the choice. Similarly, cross-legged sitting or tilted his legs to reduce leg blood flow, prevent reduced blood pressure.
(4) yellowing of the skin: hypothyroidism.
Lack of thyroid hormone, the excessive accumulation of carotene in the body, yellowing of the skin will naturally.
(5) the nose or gums, often bleeding: Vitamin K or C deficiency.
The above symptom description of the clotting mechanism problems, more common in the diet of picky, the elderly or people suffering from malnutrition. The average person should eat spinach, broccoli and cabbage.
(6) Trembling of the hands: magnesium deficiency and vitamin B1.
Approximately 5% of the population over 40 years of age will have a sense of non-neurological jitter, may be magnesium deficiency and vitamin B1. They are soluble in water, can easily be expelled from the body, the need for long-term supplement intake.
(7) Hyperhidrosis: diabetes or lack of chromium.
Several studies have shown that chromium can stabilize blood sugar and reduce insulin levels, however, the chromium in the food cooking process will be the loss of most of these people should try to chromium supplementation.
(8) Stretch marks: Zinc deficiency.
Common stretch marks in pregnant women, but when suddenly fat, grow up, is also president of stretch marks, such as puberty. Should eat shellfish, nuts, cheese and other foods rich in zinc. However, zinc is difficult in the food absorbed by the body, most with the loss of water, so the best soup to drink.

Can not see the nine practical fitness tips

Tips NO.1
This should be said that one of the most basic fitness tips, however, it was observed that many fitness participants ignored it ---- to wear appropriate clothing to practice. You dress in PE pipe must be able to guarantee your freedom of movement and security.
The biggest problem in the gym is often a lot of male fitness participants do not wear T-shirt and exercise, imagine, how can you let the other participants under your underarm odor, "the troubled? Not wear any type of fitness sleeveless T-shirt, at least you wear a T-shirt.
Tips NO.2
Regularly (and training) and drink plenty of water before and after training. This proposal is not only practical in the gym when it applies to ordinary every day, often drink is a good habit.
Tips NO.3
Make sure you have mastered the correct weight lifting techniques. If you use the wrong techniques or ways to train, you not only not improved, and also tend to strain your muscles, damage tendons and ligaments, and even causing a fracture.
Tips NO.4
Began before contact weightlifting you should do warm-up activities. You can do first 5-10 minutes of bicycle exercise. 5-10 minutes is enough to let your blood transmission natural heart into motion. The next step is to load warm-up, you can choose you will have to practice 40% of the weight to warm up, let your muscles to adapt.
Tips NO.5
Do not be presumptuous, raised more than the weight of your ability, it makes you look stronger. Obviously, if more than the weight of your load, you are likely to be injured. Do not the vanity to the gym to
Tips NO.6
Go to the gym with a training program. Some people are just so in advance there is no clear plan, then practice in the gym. I know some people one week to do leg exercises, and completely ignored the other parts of the body of the training, it is clear, just because they do not have a specific fitness program. Experts suggest that a fitness program for yourself, write down their own fitness log, so you will have a clear goal, you can also know their progress.
Tips NO.7
Energy to be concentrated. You have to concentrate on your training, which helps you maintain the correct posture, are also likely to allow you to lift more weight, helps your muscles exercise and lose weight.
Tips NO.8
Play its important role in your diet on your fitness effect. You have to adjust your diet according to your fitness effect. Do not have good eating habits with it would be impossible to obtain the success of fitness.
Tips NO.9
Fitness at the same time you can take the fitness auxiliary nutritional medicine. This helps your fitness process, the specific methods you can consult your dietitian or coach.

Five parts for a healthy daily wash

Water to clean the vulva
The vulva is to prevent the first portal of reproductive tract infections, genital infection, direct invasion of the vagina, further is the uterine cavity, fallopian tubes, and so on. Therefore, experts recommend: daily cleaning of the vulva. The right way: daily cleaning, the first dedicated clean wash basin, put cold Banpen, the rub Yin towels put together a pot, boil 5-10 minutes, to be water-cooled to not hot, washing the vulva, it would have meant with sterile water and towels to clean the vulva, to avoid infection, play a role in the protection of vaginal self-cleaning.
Warm water cleaning breast
Modern medicine, breast, sebaceous and sweat glands, grease is the areola of the breast skin surface under the sebaceous glands.
The experts pointed out that the frequent use of soap class clean items will be washed away by mechanical and chemical action of the keratinized layer of the skin surface cells and promote cell division and proliferation. Keeping the removal of these keratinized cells, will damage the protective layer of the skin surface, the epidermis swelling, this swelling is caused due to local breast is too dry, bond, and cell loss. Night repeated use of soap and other cleaning materials, is easy to to alkalization breast local skin, local breast skin to re-covered with a protective layer, and to restore the acidification of the environment, you need to spend some time. Soap, the skin surface alkalization, also promotes skin alkaline flora proliferation, but also makes the breast local acidification becomes difficult. In addition, cleaning with soap, to wash away the protection of local breast skin lubricating substances - oils and fats.
Therefore, in order to fully maintain the health of the local breast is best to choose a warm water cleaning.
Warm water, brush your teeth
People's teeth in the temperature of 35 to 36.5 ℃ in order to carry out normal metabolism. About 35 ℃ warm water is a benign oral protective agent, and use this water to gargle, can lead to a refreshing and comfortable taste. If you regularly give teeth to cold and heat stimulation, it may cause bleeding gums, dental pulp nerve spasm or other dental problems.
Cold water wash
Wash your face with cold water, not only conducive to health, but also conducive to the beauty. Because the cold water stimulation can improve facial blood circulation, increase skin elasticity, eliminate or reduce facial wrinkles. Cold water wash can also train a person's tolerance to cold, flu prevention, the incidence of rhinitis, neurasthenia, nervous headache patients also had benefits. Of course, wash your face with cold water temperature should not be too appropriate to about 10 ℃.
Hot feet
Feet with hot water, expansion of blood vessels, local blood flow faster, thus increasing the supply of lower extremity nutrition. Many points of the human foot, the feet of the process is the process of acupressure. Before going to bed with hot feet, both clean and sanitary, but also to relieve fatigue, but also play a role in preventing and curing diseases. Adhere to the feet with hot water in winter, frostbite prevention. People suffering from insomnia and foot varicose veins, and every night with hot feet, and can reduce symptoms, to sleep. Of course, the washing water is not too hot, not to exceed 45 ℃ is appropriate.

Health reasons for you to enjoy kissing

Reason 1, the weight loss
No doubt, kissing can really make you lose weight, can make an instant increase in breathing frequency due to kissing and accelerate blood circulation, a passionate long kiss, can consume about 12 kilocalories, even kissing a very subtle way, but also can burn calories and achieve weight loss goals.
Statistics show that three or three times a day kissing, each time lasting 20 seconds, enables a person to lose the excessive weight of 1 kg in a period of one year, and the nervous excitement of kissing role, but also allows you to like eating a chocolate-like mood.
Reason # 2, decompression
Kissing there helps to ease the tension of the people This is because when kissing, the body automatically secretes adrenaline, it will feel the spirit of mind, the brain will release endorphins, people feel pleasure and relaxation. Within a day and night not only kissing three people full of romantic passion, but also help people to maintain a generous attitude on the things around. Survey found that of the German scientists, in front of the other half kissed the men and women every day, in the face of challenges from the work, in addition there will be positive and positive performance, the probability of error-prone than the average person 50% .
Reason to promote blood circulation
Kissing is a healthy behavior, it can make the heartbeat of the human body, men kissing when the pulse beat, a sudden increase to 110 to 120 times per minute in a short time, for women, the heartbeat number of more rose to 180 beats per minute, so will greatly improve the status of the body's blood circulation;, kissing, deep breathing of the human body may also increase lung capacity, improve the oxygen supply in the body, various parts of the body cells are thus obtained supply of more oxygen, so that people are greatly refreshed and full of vitality.
Reason # 4, the immune
Our saliva contains large amounts of bacteria, but not all mouth bacteria are the same, of which 20% of the bacteria will vary from person to person. In mouth kissing object, once it joins the others bacteria, these organisms will produce different responses. Can stimulate the kiss both sides of the immune system to produce specific antibodies to further strengthen bilateral immunity, immune to a more comprehensive range.
Reason # 5, analgesic effect
Kissing the body secreted Hormones called Duofen, it can feel their minds at ease, in general, it will only produce in the people to exercise, listen to music and feel good, it is the largest is characterized by a good analgesic effect.
The more passionate the kiss, the secretion of the body Neianduofen more. The first kiss Duofen soothe the equivalent of playing a small dose of morphine. At the same time, kissing can also induce the body of some natural antibody production, which has a good analgesic effect.
Reason to 6, Beauty
Kiss, seems like just the mouth and tongue slightly move a bit, but in fact, kissing can also move to the 29 ~ 34 muscles of the face, especially the kiss can make all of these muscles tense, which the face, not only to maintain an adequate supply of blood, and the fibers of the facial skin cells to maintain good flexibility, so that not only can prevent skin aging and relaxation, and also allows you to at all times maintain a good color.
Reason, dental health
Overwhelming gum commercial, kissing is simply to be regarded as a terrible natural enemies, because kissing can not only maintain dental health and can prevent tooth decay.
Kissing the person's mouth will secrete a lot of saliva, rich in calcium and phosphorus in the saliva, you can keep the teeth strong, but also can effectively protect teeth from tooth decay threats; In addition, because kissing a lot of saliva and the role, so that we can to ensure that the teeth and gums from the interference of the disease from the pain of gingivitis.
Kissing is good, but also to prevent the spread of the "kissing disease"
The saying goes, the sick from the mouth, kissing mouth to mouth behavior process, will be a direct result of the spread of the disease, affecting their health, so kissing is simple, but still must pay attention to. Before kissing mouth cleaning and hygiene, bad breath, best to brush your teeth before kissing, chewing some aromatic gum to prevent the unpleasant odor to the other side. Especially for patients suffering from oral diseases such as flu, hepatitis, tuberculosis, you should avoid kissing and love, so as not to infect each other.

How to escape the tips of the bacteria in the supermarket

1, the correct use of shopping baskets and shopping carts. Trolley frequency of use is very large in most stores, all day long in the hands of customers lianzhouzhuan, cleansing and disinfection work is simply no time to attend. The data show that the supermarket shopping basket at the bottom of mold detection rate of up to 69% and 51% coliform, a trolley car at the end of the mold for 37%.
In the supermarket open shopping, once in the hands of customers is the bacterial contamination on the trolley, the selection process may be transferred to food. Health care experts recommend the best go to the supermarket with a pack of disinfectant wipes, before the cart, you can use wipes to rub, do not let the children sit in the trolley, cooked food is best not on the bottom.
3, raw meat, frozen food and finally bought. General supermarket, fresh food, meat and general merchandise District strict division open for customers to buy frozen, fresh goods. Life, many people do not pay attention to shopping and order, the first meat area to buy some, then buy another. Higher temperatures due to the supermarket, so that fresh food thaw breeding ground for bacteria, but also pollute the shopping basket, the formation of cross-infection.
4 eat free trial to eat cooked food. Mostly cooked food placed on the outside, no cover, customer reach will be able to take up the selection, processing cooked food do not wear masks, these have become the cooked food insecurity. Health care experts recommend a free cooked is best not to try to eat, buy cooked food should be cooked before eating, sterilization, and eat within two hours. Overnight or frozen cooked food, food must be heated to reach the food center temperature above 80 ℃.
5, take the items inside of the shelf. The survey found that the shelf outermost goods take up most frequently, but not every customer to buy, easy to coat all types of skin oils and bacteria, and health care experts recommend to take the goods from the shelves of most inside.
6, to go home immediately after hand washing. Supermarket bacteria do not directly harm the human body, but if you eat the dirty hands covered with bacteria, it is susceptible, especially children. So, walk around the supermarket to immediately wash your hands.
How to escape the bacteria tips in the supermarket? Through the introduction of the above health care experts, friends often go to the supermarket shopping, you had better pay attention, to develop good shopping habits to avoid the bacteria to take home, and lead to unnecessary disease and harm your health.